Freeware / open source or free alternative

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(Note: not all programs in this section are free. If a product is marked as commercial free alternatives are shown in details to the product.)
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Testdisk /PhotoRec 7.1 - restore lost partitions(Testdisk)
  recovere lost partitions
License: GPL (Open Source)
Version 7.1 entdeckt: 08.07.2019 01:13

best rating:

1) FreeUndelete
2) Recuva File Recovery
3) Testdisk
4) PC Inspector Smart Recovery
5) SystemRescueCd
keine Bilddatei vorhanden SystemRescueCd 5.2.2 - Rescue CD - Download(SystemRescueCd)
  Linux rescue CD for system crash
License: GPL (Open Source)
Version 5.2.2 entdeckt: 10.04.2018 02:13
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Ultimate Boot CD Version 5.3.8(Ultimate Boot CD)
  boot your pc from CD Rom, Diagnostic and Recovery Tools
License: Freeware / Open Source
Version 5.3.8 entdeckt: 20.03.2018 12:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Uneraser 7.3(Uneraser)
  save deleted files
License: commercial
Version 7.3 entdeckt: 11.07.2017 19:24
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Recuva File Recovery 1.53.1087 - Recover Data from recycle bin, memory card or Mp3 player - Download(Recuva File Recovery)
  Data Recovery Program
License: Freeware
Version 1.53.1087 entdeckt: 09.06.2016 01:13
keine Bilddatei vorhanden PC Inspector Smart Recovery 4.5 - SD - Flash Karte - Smart Media - Memory Stick - Recover your lost data - Download(PC Inspector Smart Recovery)
  restore deleted data
License: Freeware
Version 4.5 entdeckt: 28.07.2015 12:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden GetDataBack Version 4.33(GetDataBack)
  one of the best program to rescue deleted data
License: commercial
Version 4.33 entdeckt: 19.11.2013 02:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden EasyRecovery Version 11(EasyRecovery)
License: proprietary
Version 11 entdeckt: 13.09.2013 23:55
keine Bilddatei vorhanden FreeUndelete 2.1.36867.1 - rebuild deleted files(FreeUndelete)
  Undelete Program
License: for privat
Version 2.1.36867.1 entdeckt: 20.09.2011 14:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden CopyPST 1.5 copy pst files - Download(CopyPST)
  save defective pst files
License: Freeware
Version 1.5 entdeckt: 01.10.2010 07:35
keine Bilddatei vorhanden OLmailRestore Version 2.1.2(OLmailRestore)
  restore deleted mails from pst files
License: Freeware
Version 2.1.2 entdeckt: 05.06.2010 20:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Partition Find & Mount 2.31 - mount lost or deleted Partitions(Partition Find & Mount)
  recover Harddisk-Partition
License: for privat
Version 2.31 entdeckt: 02.07.2009 23:55
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Pandora Recovery 2.01 - - Data Recovery with Surface Scan - Download(Pandora Recovery)
  Recovering data with surface scan
License: for privat
Version 2.01 entdeckt: 03.07.2008 23:55
keine Bilddatei vorhanden PC Inspector Filerecovery 4.x.exe - Download(PC Inspector Filerecovery)
  Recovery tool for deleted files
License: Freeware
Version 4.x entdeckt: 27.06.2007 23:55