Freeware / open source or free alternative

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(Note: not all programs in this section are free. If a product is marked as commercial free alternatives are shown in details to the product.)
keine Bilddatei vorhanden SystemRescueCd 5.2.2 - Rescue CD - Download(SystemRescueCd)
  Linux rescue CD for system crash
License: GPL (Open Source)
Version 5.2.2 entdeckt: 10.04.2018 02:13

best rating:

1) FreeUndelete
2) Recuva File Recovery
3) Testdisk
4) PC Inspector Smart Recovery
5) SystemRescueCd
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Ultimate Boot CD Version 5.3.8(Ultimate Boot CD)
  boot your pc from CD Rom, Diagnostic and Recovery Tools
License: Freeware / Open Source
Version 5.3.8 entdeckt: 20.03.2018 12:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Uneraser 7.3(Uneraser)
  save deleted files
License: commercial
Version 7.3 entdeckt: 11.07.2017 19:24
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Recuva File Recovery 1.53.1087 - Recover Data from recycle bin, memory card or Mp3 player - Download(Recuva File Recovery)
  Data Recovery Program
License: Freeware
Version 1.53.1087 entdeckt: 09.06.2016 01:13
keine Bilddatei vorhanden PC Inspector Smart Recovery 4.5 - SD - Flash Karte - Smart Media - Memory Stick - Recover your lost data - Download(PC Inspector Smart Recovery)
  restore deleted data
License: Freeware
Version 4.5 entdeckt: 28.07.2015 12:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Testdisk /PhotoRec 7.0 - restore lost partitions(Testdisk)
  recovere lost partitions
License: GPL (Open Source)
Version 7.0 entdeckt: 19.04.2015 01:13
keine Bilddatei vorhanden GetDataBack Version 4.33(GetDataBack)
  one of the best program to rescue deleted data
License: commercial
Version 4.33 entdeckt: 19.11.2013 02:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden EasyRecovery Version 11(EasyRecovery)
License: proprietary
Version 11 entdeckt: 13.09.2013 23:55
keine Bilddatei vorhanden FreeUndelete 2.1.36867.1 - rebuild deleted files(FreeUndelete)
  Undelete Program
License: for privat
Version 2.1.36867.1 entdeckt: 20.09.2011 14:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden CopyPST 1.5 copy pst files - Download(CopyPST)
  save defective pst files
License: Freeware
Version 1.5 entdeckt: 01.10.2010 07:35
keine Bilddatei vorhanden OLmailRestore Version 2.1.2(OLmailRestore)
  restore deleted mails from pst files
License: Freeware
Version 2.1.2 entdeckt: 05.06.2010 20:14
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Partition Find & Mount 2.31 - mount lost or deleted Partitions(Partition Find & Mount)
  recover Harddisk-Partition
License: for privat
Version 2.31 entdeckt: 02.07.2009 23:55
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Pandora Recovery 2.01 - - Data Recovery with Surface Scan - Download(Pandora Recovery)
  Recovering data with surface scan
License: for privat
Version 2.01 entdeckt: 03.07.2008 23:55
keine Bilddatei vorhanden PC Inspector Filerecovery 4.x.exe - Download(PC Inspector Filerecovery)
  Recovery tool for deleted files
License: Freeware
Version 4.x entdeckt: 27.06.2007 23:55