Testdisk /PhotoRec 7.1 - restore lost partitions

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recovere lost partitions

free alternative to Testdisk

Partition Find & Mount 2.31

recover Harddisk-Partition
License: private

Program: Testdisk
Latest Version: 7.1
Category: Datenrettung
Operating System: DOS Windows Linux FreeBSD Sun MAC

Description: TestDisk can recover lost partitions, hard drives, master boot record, PhotoRec lost files
Both programs have no graphical interface and run on a variety of operating systems.

can restore the master boot record or lost partitions
recover deleted partitions

PhotoRec has no graphical interface but can be run ona variety operating systems ,
can files from the following file systems FAT, NTFS, EXT2 / EXT3 / EXT4 and recover HFS +.
All found files are written to a folder (be sure to select an other partition, otherwise possibly be overwritten!)

Overview of free recovery tools

License: GPL (Open Source)
Developer: Christophe Grenier URL: http://www.cgsecurity.org

Versions / Download:

Testdisk 7.1 discovered: 08.07.2019 01:13
Testdisk 7.0 discovered: 19.04.2015 01:13
Download (not tested): testdisk-7.0.win.zip

Testdisk 6.14 discovered: 30.07.2013 16:15
Testdisk 6.13 discovered: 15.11.2011 10:13
Download (not tested): testdisk-6.13.win.zip

Testdisk 6.12 discovered: 11.05.2011 22:13
Download (not tested): testdisk-6.12.win.zip

Testdisk 6.11 discovered: 19.04.2009 23:55
Download (not tested): testdisk-6.11.3.win.zip