Freeware / open source or free alternative

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(Note: not all programs in this section are free. If a product is marked as commercial free alternatives are shown in details to the product.)
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Seamonkey Version 2.53.2(Seamonkey)
  Internet Software Suite
License: GPL (Open Source)
Version 2.53.2 entdeckt: 03.05.2020 12:12

best rating:

1) Google Chrome
2) Internet Explorer
3) Opera Web Browser
4) Seamonkey
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Google Chrome 97.9 - fast and safe web browser(Google Chrome)
  Google's own Web browser
License: BSD Lizenz, Google Chrome Terms of Service
Version 97.9 entdeckt: 13.09.2018 01:13
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Internet Explorer Version 11.0.34(Internet Explorer)
  Internet Explorer
License: proprietary
Version 11.0.34 entdeckt: 06.09.2016 01:13
keine Bilddatei vorhanden Opera Web Browser Version 37 (Opera Web Browser)
  Web browser
License: Freeware
Version 37 entdeckt: 04.05.2016 12:12